The magic of Kinesis

We’d like to introduce you to the FENN Kinesis treatment, a beautiful, invigorating treatment, with big results; it stimulates blood circulation and collagen, boosts the lymphatic system and increases cell renewal.

Perfected by our co-founder Clare (who’s facial massage has had a loyal following for a long time, with very good reason), the FENN Kinesis treatment embodies the essence of the FENN ethos -  respectfully calling on traditional practices and combining them with contemporary, luxury techniques unique to us.

Facial massage has been utilised for centuries for it’s beauty and holistic wellness benefits, ancient cultures around the world offer and respect variations of massage for their medicinal benefits, today facial massage in its many forms continues to be a respected clinical practice due to its multiple benefits and high efficacy.

Clare’s clients credit clear, radiant, sculpted and toned skin as results, as well as transformative improvements in lifting and lines.

It not only works to improve facial structure - helping to sculpt and tone your face - but it also has profound, long-term internal effects on your skin health.

It not only works to improve facial structure - helping to sculpt and tone your face - but it also has profound, long term internal effects on your skin health. At its core massage is about promoting circulation, on an energetic and physical level; shifting stagnant lymphatic fluid, and boosting blood flow, bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to the face and body. Healthy blood flow improves healing, can reduce congestion, inflammation and boost collagen production, which unfortunately declines with age and is the key to firm, youthful skin. It’s also incredible for tension release. In short, it’s magic.

Clare integrates the best of Fenn into this treatment; with bespoke skin care products to support your skin health and traditional facial tools for the most effective massage techniques.

Results are noticed straight away post treatment, but also their full effect becomes even more apparent with regularity and can be complemented with at home massage tools and techniques.

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