The Winter Edit

The Winter Edit

A few smart additions to your skincare lineup are all you need to support your skin against the winter months. The main focus is to protect from the elements - cooler temp, cold winds plus hot heated rooms can zap moisture from your skin and leave lips and sensitive areas such as around your nose, chapped. Smart layering of nourishing serums, oils and richer moisturisers will help guard against this extra dryness. Autumn and winter can be a good time to amp up your retinol or Vitamin A products to target any ageing and pigment concerns… and keep up that sunscreen! Whilst UV levels are generally lower in winter, Australian UV is quite strong all year round so it pays to keep up the protection factor - especially if you have increased your retinol as it can contribute to greater sensitivity to the sun.

Emma Lewisham Oil Cleanser

Important to consider making the switch to an oil cleanser in Winter. It is less stripping and provides more lipid rich nourishment.

Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Intense

Don’t forget to add a layer to your usual skin care routine in Winter to provide more of a longer lasting hydration throughout the day. The Hydr8 B5 Intense is our best selling Hyaluronic for good reason.

Rationale - The Pre-Cleanse balm

A deeply nourishing and restorative balm that replensihes and elevates moisture and lipids in the skin and helps to balance and rehydrate.

Josh Rosebrook Active Infusion Oil - with Retinoid and Vit C

A good time to amp up your Vitamin A to target any ageing or pigment concerns. This particular one by Josh Rosebrook is an oil base and deeply nourishing too.

Maryse Intensive Omega Treatment Oil

An ultra nourishing treatment oil for a moisture boost in the colder months. Add drops to your current moisturiser or wear as the final layer before bed.

SANS CEUTICALS Superdose Luminosity Mask

A favourite among our therapists… Maximum Hydration whilst you sleep. Wake up to smooth, nourished and restored skin.

ACTIVIST 1000+ Raw Manuka Honey

This honey boasts considerably higher levels of enzymes and antibacterial properties than found in any other honey making it a unique medicinal resource that can be used topically or internally. For natural nourishment we recommend manuka as a face mask to target inflamed, congested or sensitive skin or stir some into your morning elixir or tea for an immune boost.

Posie KIT Candle- Lemon Myrtle and Campfire

Our winter scent of choice.