Registered Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc)

Michaela is a Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist with a passion for evidence-based natural medicine. Her unique sense of empathy and intuition compliment her scientific knowledge, empowering her to help her patients identify and heal any health concerns. Michaela comfortably holds space for clients allowing them to feel heard, supported and empowered throughout their healing journey. With a particular passion for skin, hormone and gut health, she is a natural addition to Fenn, helping clients to achieve comfort and vitality in their skin and bodies. Michaela’s qualifications deliver treatment protocols and guidance that are up to date with contemporary scientific research, married together with the wisdom of ancient plant medicines, gentle diet and lifestyle modifications and client education that results in a bespoke treatment prescription.

Michaela came to discover Natural Medicine through her own battles with chronic health issues, unresolved after years of seeking help from the conventional medicine system. On a journey to heal herself, she discovered Naturopathy and pursued the long road of scientific and clinical study to allow her to help others answer complicated questions about their health.

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